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Special Events

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Special Event makeup and hair

T here are many other events besides weddings that take place during the entire lifespan of wedding festivities. Some days are meant to be special and it becomes an obvious as well as a mandate to look special on the special event. Years of knowledge and experience enables Ridhima Thukral to stay devoted and professional towards their customers. Makeup is an art used to beautify one’s personality. The skilled hands of makeup artist Ridhima Thukral help enhance your overall looks with her creativity so that you can be the center of attention.

Depending on the time duration and nature of the events, she is capable of modifying the looks of her client accordingly. Clients of Various ethnicities come across in the beauty industry in Canada, she has a diverse knowledge of ethnic makeup variations. Ridhima knows the importance of shadowing and contouring. And she keeps the tricks and tools at her fingertips. Whether it is a corporate gathering, red carpets or a bachelorette, she is available to assist with any kind of special events. Her vanity equipped with the latest, high quality and sanitized tools to succeed in this dynamic beauty industry.

Skincare to prep for a special event
  • First step is always to cleanse the skin properly. Choose the cleanser depending on the skin type.
  • Keep the skin hydrated and moisturized.
  • Use lip masks to keep the lips hydrated.
  • Increase the intake of fluids weeks before getting prepared for the big day.
  • Use cold compress to avoid dark circles or puffiness of eyes.

Based on the attire you are going to wear, the color of your dress, your skin tone, your skin type etc. Ridhima makes sure to give you a presentable look that lasts throughout the event without getting cakey. She custom creates the look for each of her clients that ensure to lasts for in person interactions as well as on camera. Get ready to bring the look you are after to life. Click here to book an appointment now.

Ridhima Thukral has done commendable work in her profession and has a reputation of outstanding makeup skills. She has managed to grab positive and favorable response and reviews from her ex and existing clients. Glam by Ridhima Thukral is evolving as the best makeup artist for special events in GTA, Canada. Her perfection at work and her techniques of mixing and blending shades make her an exceptional make-up artist and a pro at bringing out the bold yet elegant appearance of her clients. Hire Ridhima Thukral to look an absolute marvel on the special event as she is one of the best make up artists for special events based in Canada Ridhima promises to meet her client’s styling preferences depending on the occasion. So make the right choice and hire one of the best and professional makeup artists in GTA, Canada(Toronto, brampton, mississauga, vaughan)

Here are some of the events that are common and will definitely need an MUA like Ridhima Thukral.
  • Baby Shower It's a tradition in which family members of the expectant parents come together to shower their blessings, love, good wishes and lots of gifts to welcome the tiny new member of the family. And Ridhima understands how a mom-to-be would want herself to be adorned. She creates a subtle and dewy natural look for most of her mom-to-be clients to maintain their pregnancy glow intact.
  • Gender reveal party Ridhima values the sentiments that lie behind these events. And she knows how a woman wants to look her best as she is the center of attention at least as long as she carries the baby in her bun. She emphasizes on her pregnant client’s comfort more than anything. That’s what makes stand out of the crowd and the best make up artist for special events. And, she makes sure to not let you down when it comes to makeup. You can always discuss in prior sessions with her about the makeup look you are expecting.
  • Promotion parties Whether you got a promotion, a new job or you’ve become the new boss. Glam by Ridhima Thukral can doll you up based on the theme of the event and colors you decide to wear.
  • Bachelorette/ hen party Get ready to rule the world and be the most talked about girl in the entire town, with the magical makeup touch of the best professional makeup artist Ridhima Thukral. So ladies!!! Worry not. Choose Glam by Ridhima Thukral to serve you on your special day. And let her beautify your natural beauty that you are born with. Be glam, be confident. Beautiful?? Oh that you already are girl. Follow Glam by Ridhima Thukral, one of the best and popular makeup artists in GTA, Canada on social media.
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