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Halloween Makeup

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Halloween makeup and hair

H alloween is celebrated by decoration, costumes and trick or treat. It is one of our favorite festivals as it's full of spooky adventures. There lies an immense excitement of this festival especially among children and youngsters. At Glam by Ridhima Thukral, she uses professional special effects makeup to give you a scary and spooky look that fits perfectly on halloween. She gets the inspiration for each of her looks from celebrity styling, her life experiences and mostly from her beautifully creative mind. She can also customize the look according to her clients preferences. So think of a strange, scary character and she will make it happen.

The best halloween makeup would involve:
  • Dress as the character you want to be. Break the norms.
  • Choose a character that can connect you to your neighbors, friends or kids. Utilize the festival to create stronger bonds.
  • Get yourself a ghostly outfit that would compliment your Halloween makeup look.

It's really important to pre plan everything and get ready for the spooky season. Deciding and finalizing a character, the costumes, makeup look takes a lot of time. So we suggest you take your time to select the character, research about the halloween costume design ideas and look in order to avoid any hassle during the halloween season.

Let’s look at some of the best trendy halloween looks:

  • The skeleton look
  • A stitched face
  • A spooky Joker face
  • A blurred human look
  • Scary mermaid
  • Blood dripping skull
  • Clown
  • Alien
  • Vampire
  • Cyber punk
  • Scary fairy
  • Scarecrow
  • Unicorn
  • Devil face
  • Pumpkin face
  • Shattered babydoll
  • Spider
  • Catwoman

As Ridhima Thukral The best professional makeup artist in Canada says, take good care of your skin and keep it well hydrated if you want the makeup that you wear on the special occasion to look perfect. The spooky halloween makeup can be hard on the skin so you must make sure your skin is healthy before you go for the halloween day makeup

Let's talk about some of the items used for the halloween makeup
  • Ridhima Thukral prefers to use cream based makeup for her clients especially for the overall heavy makeup on halloween.
  • Some popular adhesives like spirit gum, corn syrup, liquid latex etc. are used to create special effects in your halloween makeup.
  • Prosthetics that are especially made to create the scary and weird halloween looks.
  • Multi use cream color palette is used for high coverage and sharp colored looks.
  • Face and body paints
  • Eye cheek and lip pigment paints
  • Stage blood is the most important item that is used on halloween to give the look a scary touch. Nothing is scarier than blood.
  • Skin blurring balm powder

The Halloween makeup pro Ridhima Thukral always runs a skin test before using these makeup items on the client’s skin. Ladies and gents, if you are planning to get ready as the best character this halloween, book an appointment at Glam By Ridhima Thukral in advance. So that you and your makeup artist have time to research about the best suitable products according to your skin kind. It saves you from the last minute hassles. Ridhima excels in creating fake scars and bruises to give a lively look to the character you are choosing. She is capable of turning whatever character you think of into reality or can also provide some creative ideas of her own. Ridhima believes that some of the halloween looks will always be in demand irrespective of the era. Like, sugar skulls, skeletons with fake blood etc. these themes never go out of style. These looks can emerge into different styles over time.

Worried about hairstyle on Halloween?

Ridhima has got many wonderful ideas to complete your halloween look by adding some creatively scary touch to the hairdo’s. For instance, textured messy bun embellished with fake spiders designed with the help of high quality texturizing spray. Or designing the hair into devil horn buns. Years of experience and the knack of creativity makes Ridhima Thukral one of the best makeup artists for halloween. She can make do with even the least resources available. The presence of mind helps her make the best out of the best spooky hair dos that compliments the entire halloween look. So go ahead and book Ridhima Thukral to surprise your friends and family with a marvelously created spooky halloween character. Rest assured of getting only positive feedback from almost everyone. Ridhima Thukral is highly skilled at creating different and creative characters for halloween and possesses all the right tools and products required to finish the halloween makeup look. Her makeup brushes and tools are sanitized after every use to keep the hygiene maintained. So make the right choice and book The Glam by Ridhima Thukral, the best makeup artist for halloween in GTA, Canada to make your dream spooky character come to life.

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