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Punjabi Bride

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Punjabi Bride

It is said that Punjabi brides typically like vivid, eye-catching makeup shades.But !!!! Just as the world is always evolving, so are brides' tastes.

Bengali Bride

The Bengali bridal look includes the bride's stunning bridal Mukut is complemented with a lovely Kolka Art, which is a necessary component

South Indian Bride

South Indian bridal makeup is truly remarkable because, amidst the inclusion of so many components,such as the magnificent silk sarees,

Punjabi bride makeup and hair

E It is said that Punjabi brides typically like vivid, eye-catching makeup shades. But !!!! Just as the world is always evolving, so are brides' tastes. Today's brides seek softer makeup looks and offset them with over-the-top designer clothing.

Punjabi bridal makeup highlights

  • Most of the Punjabi brides nowadays prefer wearing pastels on their wedding day which complements beautifully with their red coloured chooda.
  • Brides typically wear a maang teeka and a dupatta to cover their heads.
  • The overall punjabi bridal look is enhanced with light, natural eye makeup.
  • For gurudwara weddings, brides mostly prefer simpler lips shades.
  • Make sure your skin is well hydrated and heavily moisturized before going on with makeup.
  • A nose ring and kaleeras are an integral part of Punjabi bridal look.

However, you can always discuss the look, shades and colors beforehand with your makeup artist so as to get customized intended look the way you want. The bridal makeup used for Punjabi brides is known for its vibrant, bright colors. Ridhima tries to keep your makeup natural and let your clothing make a dramatic statement. Irrespective of the color your clothing or subtle your makeup is, a little bronzer by the magical hands of Ridhima Thukral, will complete your appearance, both in person and in photos. For a Punjabi bridal makeup to be distinctive, it must have a dewy and youthful appearance. She will make you shine by applying it where it's needed. Whether it's a daytime event, a pre-bridal party, or a wedding reception, accentuating the eyes and giving them character are a necessity. She uses excessive lash extensions and glitzy makeup.

Ridhima creates a perfectly smooth base with the best available foundation in the market by popular and reputed brands to avoid any cakey layer even after hours. She will make sure your punjabi wedding makeup can fully capture the finest of your Punjabi-ness. Also, your hairdo greatly enhances your entire makeup and appearance. So, we suggest you try a bunch of hairstyles before finalizing one in order to clear your mind from the last moment confusions and doubts. It will also save you time while getting ready to be a bride. You can suggest your favorite look or hairstyle. Worry not!!! If you are unable to. As Ridhima Thukral has a next level creativity and she can display a number of options for you to choose from.

Tips to follow before the D-day

  • Relax and sit back. Leave all stress of your hair and makeup on your professional makeup artist.
  • Focus on what you eat. Eat healthy to bring out the natural glow. Include lots of greens and fruits to your diet.
  • Drink a lot of water and increase the intake of fluids and juices.
  • Stay hydrated inside and out.
  • Most importantly invest in your skincare. This is required for every girl that loves to wear makeup, make sure your skin is healthy and is taken care of.
  • The healthier the skin the beautiful and flawless the makeup will be.

In case you have any skin problems such as acne, scars etc. It’s high time you reach out to a dermatologist and use the prescribed products months before the D-day. It will boost your confidence and prepare you for the wedding with a healthier skin. Nothing matters more than how you look and feel on your special day. So make the right choice and allow Ridhdima Thukral the brilliant makeup artist in GTA, Canada to turn you into a perfect bride. Oh, and not just you!!! Bring your bridesmaid along. They are going to love getting dolled up with their bestie bride-to-be. So seize the moments life throws at you and turn them into beautiful memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

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