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It is said that Punjabi brides typically like vivid, eye-catching makeup shades.But !!!! Just as the world is always evolving, so are brides' tastes.

Bengali Bride

The Bengali bridal look includes the bride's stunning bridal Mukut is complemented with a lovely Kolka Art, which is a necessary component

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South Indian bridal makeup is truly remarkable because, amidst the inclusion of so many components,such as the magnificent silk sarees,

Bengali bride makeup and hair

I ndian weddings offer the women a lovely opportunity to look their very best for all of the rituals and activities. Wearing your favorite makeup look in an unorthodox way is the key to fashionable bridal makeup. The Bengali bridal look includes the bride's stunning bridal Mukut is complemented with a lovely Kolka Art, which is a necessary component of a decent Bengali wedding makeup. It is chic and quite pleasant. Bengali brides wear white and red bindi pattern, vivid red bindi, and expressive eyes.

The red bordered white saree is a signature style of the Bengali women and the other is a red Banarasi saree with golden thread work that will add the missing glamor to a Bengali traditional wedding. Bengali brides traditionally apply chandan bindi or an ornate which is circular lines or dots that extend from the forehead's middle to the ends of the brows on either side, with a big red bindi between the brows. Red and white form an excellent color combination since these are the traditional colors used in every Bengali bride's cosmetics.

Achieving a perfect bengali bridal makeup look
  • Bengali beauty is characterized by large, expressive eyes.Even in goddess representations or other visual arts, the focus stays on the bold dramatic eyes in bengali makeup look.
  • The whole bridal attractiveness sets complete with a doe-eyed makeup.
  • Ridhima Thukral uses dull gold or metallic glitter to bring out that gorgeous look on her bengali brides.
  • She can add the drama of smoky eyes for an even more dazzling appearance. Heavy mascara will make your eyes appear more pronounced and voluminous.
  • A little touch of golden highlighter and contouring to keep the client’s natural look intact.
  • Whether you're a celebrity bride or a genuine bride, adding a splash of color to your lips is a necessity when striving to achieve the classic Bengali wedding makeup look.
  • Ridhima considers maintaining your skin's natural tone and not changing it as the main goals of a good makeup base.

O ne of the best makeup artists in the industry, Ridhima Thukral suggests her clients to start with a healthy routine so the inside glow is unstoppable before deciding on the cosmetics, the artists, and your appearance. So, once again, skincare is the key to achieve a flawlessly gorgeous look on your wedding day. A decent Bengali bridal appearance is dressing appropriately and doing the most gorgeous cosmetics possible. You need to start by picking the ideal cosmetics concept for the big day.

The professional makeup artist for bengali bridal makeup Ridhima Thukral plays with elements that work best for her client’s face type. The makeup looks designed at Glam by Ridhima Thukral demonstrate an effect where the face has not been contoured or bronzed. It's crucial for you to take care of more than just your immediate glow, which will likely only endure for three to seven days at most. However, if you supplement it with a home skincare regimen, that's when you'll see the benefits of a good makeup.

Why choose Ridhima Thukral for your bengali bridal makeup look ??

Ridhima Thukral is an established bridal makeup artist based in GTA, Canada. She is a well-known makeup artist that can provide you with flawless, glowing skin on your big day using high-end products like Chanel, MAC, Huda, and others. While you're busy organizing other festivities, let us help you with your bridal makeup. If you're a soon-to-be Bengali bride looking for some "inspiration" for your Bengali wedding makeup style, you've come to the right spot. Bengali women are known for their sharp features and expressive eyes. And Ridhima excels at creating this strong appearance that is dominated by the hues of red, black, and white. She uses pastel like shades of mostly pink, makes the cat eye flicks on both sides of the eyes, curls the lashes to plump them. She enhances the overall eye appearance by giving the lashes volume boosting mascara to make them stand out even more.

In addition, if you have the ideal hairstyle and makeup to go along with it, a traditional Bengali bridal hairstyle may truly get the most gorgeous bridal portraits. Ridhima Thukral adorns her bengali brides with a fresh layering of flowers on either end of the hair. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and choose Ridhima Thukral ,the famous bridal makeup artist in GTA, Canada, to achieve the desired bengali wedding makeup look for your big day. Tips from Ridhima Thukral for all the brides-to-be If your wedding is fast approaching, take the first step towards the skincare routine and make it permanent. Invest in the best and dermatologically approved products to improve the quality of your skin. Do consult an expert in case you have any scars, acne or other skin related issues in order to receive a perfectly incredible makeup look on your wedding day.

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