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Indian Bride

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Punjabi Bride

It is said that Punjabi brides typically like vivid, eye-catching makeup shades.But !!!! Just as the world is always evolving, so are brides' tastes.

Bengali Bride

The Bengali bridal look includes the bride's stunning bridal Mukut is complemented with a lovely Kolka Art, which is a necessary component

South Indian Bride

South Indian bridal makeup is truly remarkable because, amidst the inclusion of so many components,such as the magnificent silk sarees,

Indian bridal makeup and hair

T he splendor of Indian culture is its finest quality. All around the country, people have a strong affection and respect for numerous traditions and rituals. Indian traditions are different according to each state or area. The weddings in India are lavish festivities when brides display their finest appearances. Observing the bride's beauty and grace on her special day is the most unforgettable experience of an Indian wedding.

Ridhima Thukral is an expert in creating the Indian bridal looks. Be it punjabi, bengali or south indian. As different regions in India require certain types of jewelry and every region has its own ritual of draping the saree in a specific manner. The one and only makeup pro Ridhima Thural based in Canada excels in finalizing every Indian bridal look with perfection. Punjabi bengali south indian What to expect while choosing Indian Bridal makeup look at Glam by Ridhima Thukral

An Indian bridal look might need up to three hours depending on the hair and makeup style and the individual artist you choose. You must always discuss the duration of your entire makeover including makeup, hair, saree draping, wearing jewelry etc with your makeup artist beforehand. High definition bridal makeup, bride hairstyling, luxurious lashes, jewelry placement, and hair padding application are all parts of the Indian bridal appearance. For your big day, Ridhima, one of the top Indian bridal makeup artists in GTA (toronto, brampton, mississauga, vaughan etc) provides the very best services since she takes great delight in her wedding makeup.

She is really passionate about fashion, color, and originality, which ranges from classic bridal styles to contemporary styles. Her work exhibits the greatest degree of professionalism, and she is passionate about bringing out the best in each of her customers. Every lady is transformed into looking and feeling their very best. Well !!!!! Thanks to makeup artists and amazing makeup products. She has that magical touch that can make the look come to life. She continuously picks up new skills and stays current with fashion.
To make you feel beautiful on your special day, we provide bridal makeup and hair services.

So are you looking for a bridal makeup professional in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, or Vaughan for your wedding makeup? Pick the best one. Ridhima Thukral specializes in bridal parties' hair and makeup needs.
One of the most essential days in your life is your wedding. Make sure you look stunning on the big day with stunning bridal makeup and flawless hair. Professional makeup, which is long-lasting and precisely done, will permanently improve your wedding photos and videos, and flawlessly coiffed hair will make you look and feel beautiful on the big day.

Ridhima, who is most renowned for her groundbreaking "before and after" series, feels it is her responsibility to make sure her clients feel their best. She has knowledge of the most recent trends in the beauty business and her methods are up to date. She is renowned for giving her customers perfect, dewy makeup applications. If you want to elevate your Indian wedding look then go for the best makeup artist in Canada that specializes in looks for Indian brides-to-be! You can always book a one on one session with Ridhima so she can offer a number of packages to best suit your needs and budget.

Challenges for Indian Brides in Canada

The bride completes a head to toe makeover for her wedding day by having her hands and feet adorned with mehndi in addition to her attire and jewelry. Some of our clients are new immigrants to Canada and find it challenging to obtain all the culturally necessary items like henna, some traditional pieces of jewelry etc. Preparation of manifesting a perfect wedding can be stressful for especially the bride and we understand the pressure our clients go through for delivering an all Indian rituals packed wedding in a different country. On top of that the stress of getting a perfect Indian bridal makeup look is truly high. Ridhima Thukral understands that Indian weddings are lavish parties where the brides love to flaunt their best appearances. And she makes sure that none of her bridal clients walk the aisle with disappointment.

She puts in all the effort in bringing out your best version by using her expert makeup skills and makes you look absolutely stunning and flawless. She picks the best trends to give your skin a treat in order to get you the best radiance ever. The bride and groom's personality are the focal point of the wedding planning, which is done like a custom experience. Everything here revolves around getting the perfect pictures. You should rest assured that every picture will make you fall in love with yourself if you choose Glam by Ridhima Thukral who provides the flaunt worthy and flawless picture perfect makeup. Her clients consider her as the best makeup artist available in GTA, Canada for Indian bridal makeup. That’s why they always come back to her. “Photographs preserve the memories you'll treasure for the rest of your life, and we make sure you do so while remembering how stunning you looked on your wedding day.”

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