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South Indian Bride

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Punjabi Bride

It is said that Punjabi brides typically like vivid, eye-catching makeup shades.But !!!! Just as the world is always evolving, so are brides' tastes.

Bengali Bride

The Bengali bridal look includes the bride's stunning bridal Mukut is complemented with a lovely Kolka Art, which is a necessary component

South Indian Bride

South Indian bridal makeup is truly remarkable because, amidst the inclusion of so many components,such as the magnificent silk sarees,

South Indian bride makeup and hair

S outh Indian bridal makeup is truly remarkable because, amidst the inclusion of so many extravagant components, such as the magnificent silk sarees, lavish gold jewelry, and exquisite flowers, the makeup adds an overall justice to just about the entire look. Due to the fact that south indian wedding rituals typically begin early in the morning, a dewy shine adds a beautiful touch to south indian bridal look. As the tradition goes, mostly south indian brides prefer light shade eye makeup.

Eye accents for South Indian bridal makeup includes pale eyeshadow for a dewy appearance, dramatically kohl lined black eyes, long and thick eyelashes. Ridhima Thukral suggests “For people with thin lips, lighter tones will look best and she uses reds and maroons for bigger lips, making sure they don't dominate the appearance.” Beautiful gold jewelry enhances the south indian bridal look. South Indian bridal makeup is a distinctive and fascinating art form that is unlike any other bridal trends.

Due consideration is given to the bride's skin tone and to highlighting her greatest features while creating the south indian brides. The foundation chosen by Ridhima Thukral best compliments your skin tone! For instance, choosing a dark color that compliments your skin tone and an undertone that matches your jewelry would be part of south Indian bridal makeup for dark skin. Because of the range of hues, the vibrant flowers and the usage of gold with the sarees, the bride's makeup is as vibrant with dark lipstick and sensuous eyes. This is not to say that one must accentuate their lips by making them bigger or their eyes by using thick winged eyeliner.

The complexity of the small details, like choosing the right hues, is what gives anything beauty. She suggests that warm undertoned people appear best with warm, golden, and bronze-colored cosmetics, whereas cold undertoned people look best with metallic makeup. The world has constantly been inspired by South Indian brides' traditional wedding makeup styles. Many women from other cultures now take their cue from South Indian wedding makeup, which feels so natural on the skin.

Accessories plays a crucial role in south indian bridal makeup look

  • Poola Jada is an embellishment that is crafted from metal and flowers and placed on a brides braid.
  • South indian brides are considered incomplete without poola jada Since Poola Jada is made with fresh, genuine flowers, you'll want to take all the necessary precautions to maintain them properly so that they stay fresh throughout your wedding festivities. To locate the ideal match, we advise that you start looking for a Poola Jada set at least a month beforehand.
  • Gold jewelry is a must while adorning a south indian bride.. Gold compliments gracefully with the kanjivaram saree and south indian brides prefer gold over kundan and other artificial jewelry.

Why Choose Ridhima Thukral as your wedding day makeup artist??

  • She is really passionate about her work and delivers it with utmost professionalism
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  • Her clients love her work and they always return to her for their makeup requirements
  • Always received positive and favorable feedback from her brides.
  • She is a pro at creating perfect brides that come from different cultures.
  • This is not it. She excels in every type of makeup such as party makeup, engagement makeup, halloween makeup, mature women makeup.
  • To be precise, Ridhima Thukral is the best makeup artist for all occasions.

All of the stunning readers of Glam by Ridhima Thukral are constantly advised to take proper care of their skin before applying makeup. Skincare is crucial to achieving a perfect application of makeup. A healthy glow is always appealing. To discuss or book a session with Ridhima Thukral contact us now. It's important for all the brides-to-be to discuss their bridal makeup requirements, skin related issues with the makeup artist so as to avoid any further delays or issues. So, ladies!!! Be prepared to look your best on your wedding day as Ridhima Thukral is going to leave no stone unturned while making you the most beautiful south indian bride.

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